What is a wireless doorbell?

A wireless doorbell is a warning system that is normally installed outdoors whose function is to notify us of the arrival of someone who wants to enter our home or business. They have the added advantage that installation is quick, easy and simple, with no need for cables.

Many wireless doorbells not only have a residential purpose, they can also function as emergency alarms or even in restaurants when we want the waiter to come and serve us, or in small hotels.

How does a wireless doorbell work?

The most interesting ones on the market usually work via Wi-Fi network or radio frequency . In this way we avoid having to wire to the interior of the house. The mechanism is simple, practical and easy. In addition, they usually have fewer breakdowns and require less maintenance since they do not have an electromagnet, hammer, bell, etc. In addition, they are more than affordable.

How do you install a wireless doorbell?

Doorbells can be purchased at a hardware store, department store or online platforms like Amazon, they are easy to buy. The first thing we have to take into account is knowing where we are going to place the doorbell : this is key because we must consider if it is going to be outdoors and it is going to get wet, if it is going to be in a covered place, etc…

Types of wireless doorbells

There is a wide variety of wireless doorbells: there are portable ones focused on urgent notifications such as the elderly, long-range ones focused on companies, farms or very large homes , those with a volume control and many melodies to personalize it, others have LED indicators, There are raincoats intended for outdoors… Even so, the most recommended are these:

  • Doorbell with sound signal: it is the best seller and the one that most resembles the one of a lifetime. These are equipped with different melodies to personalize it, volume controller and you can put more or less intensity to the warning signal.
  • Doorbell with light signal: they are useful for very large homes where we cannot hear the audio signal but we can see the light. They are also recommended in workplaces where there is a lot of background noise.
  • Vibrating doorbell: they are more for professional use in sectors such as hospitality or in hospitals and residences. These types of doorbells have a mobile receiver so that we can carry it in a pocket. When they press the doorbell, the receiver will vibrate and notify us.

What are the advantages of wireless doorbells?

Wireless doorbells compared to traditional ones are all advantages:

  • Price : its quality, price and service ratio is unbeatable.
  • They are easy to use
  • Simplicity in installation without the need to wire when going via Wi-Fi or radio frequency.
  • They consume practically no electricity .
  • They are ideal for both the residential world and companies. There is a wide variety, we only have to choose the one that best suits us.
  • They are powerful and effective at many meters away.
  • The only problem , if you use Wi-Fi, is that we run out of internet on time and the doorbell will stop working, fortunately, some suppliers provides a RF receiver as a back-up solution as CNDERING WDB series

Why use a wireless doorbell?

Installing a wireless doorbell is the smarter option compared to other options because:

  • It provides security and modernity;
  • They are easy to install and compatible with home automation zones;
  • They have many possibilities;
  • They are cheap and easily replaceable;
  • They have volume control, intensity, multiple assignment of melodies, etc…
  • The most important of all is that they do not fail and they are cheap;
  • Some brands developed on the basis of Internet platform, such as Tuya cloud intercom, visitor calling will be transferred to host’s mobile phone;

Why choose a wireless doorbell over conventional ones?

If there is an important difference between traditional and wireless doorbells, it is that the latter do not require cables to work. This also implies a much simpler and easier installation process.

How to choose a wireless doorbell?

Before getting a wireless doorbell, we must take into account what features and functions it must have to satisfy all our needs:

  • Range : we must be clear about the distance between the emitter and the receiver, as well as whether there are obstacles in between.
  • Available functions: there are simple models that have the same function as a conventional doorbell, others that allow you to customize the volume and melody, others that have motion detection and some that have video to see who is at your door from anywhere via mobile. Depending on your needs and budget you should choose one or the other.
  • Number of melodies: this type of ringtones usually have many tones to personalize it to our whim. There are on the market with more than 50 melodies to choose from and customize.
  • Battery with or without : the receiver is almost always connected to the current, the transmitter is usually powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery, but there is also self-powered transmitter with eco-friendly trend in nowadays, we must choose depending on the use that we are going to give the doorbell.
  • Ease of Installation – Almost all wireless doorbells are easy to install. In fact, they do not need wiring and, therefore, you can do it yourself. Of course, it is recommended to always screw it, instead of sticking it and we must block the frequency to prevent theft.
  • Price: They are usually cheap products, but the price will vary depending on the functions. Obviously, the models with a camera are much more expensive.

What are the best wireless doorbells?

There are many brands and most are of Asian origin. Cndering stands out above all, for its different options to satisfy all kinds of needs, although we also like self-powered one in the market for cheap wireless doorbells . 

With all these guidelines you already know a little more about the world of wireless doorbells , a niche full of possibilities. Now you will find out when they knock on the door of your house.

Choose a doorbell for you,  with or without Video, Self-powered or Battery type, 433Mhz or Wi-Fi technology…